Thread Valet


The Ultimate Thread Organizing System

Welcome to a whole new sewing experience with Thread Valet! Designed with crafters in mind, it’s the clutter-busting, space-optimizing tool you never knew you needed. Our product, imagined in Montana and made in the U.S.A., is a testament to American craftsmanship, combining practicality and charm in one revolutionary package.

Ideal Design

Imagine a sleek yet durable thread holder that adds a touch of elegance to your workspace. Each Thread Valet is meticulously molded from robust polypropylene – the same sturdy material used in car bumpers – accentuating a modern aesthetic that complements any room.

Savvy Storage

Make the most out of your space with our wall-mounted units. Each module gracefully accommodates 48-thread cones, offering easy access and clear visibility to all your favorite colors and textures. Adjustable and easy to assemble, the Thread Valet grows just as your collection does.

Complete Convenience

Bid dust and light damage goodbye! Every Thread Valet comes with a protective cover pattern, allowing you to make your own cover to keep your threads in pristine condition and ready for your next masterpiece.

Testament to Quality

With Thread Valet, quality isn’t an add-on; it’s a guarantee. Our passion for crafting is reflected in the quality of each and every Thread Valet. Loved by creators locally and admired globally, Thread Valet is more than a product – it’s the next step in your crafting journey.

Ready to revolutionize organization in your crafting space?


Material: Robust polypropylene
Unit dimensions: Length: 17″ Width: 4″ Height: 18″
Thread cone capacity: 48 cones (per module)
Compatible cone sizes: Mini, standard, and king size
Mounting options: Wall-mounted; hardware included
Protective cover pattern: Customizable to fit each module
Colors: White