a machinist meets a quilter


Founded by entrepreneurs Julie and Tim, Thread Valet emerged from their keen understanding of crafters’ need for a clutter-free workspace. Recognizing the limitations of traditional organizers, they designed a durable, space-efficient, and accessible product made of robust polypropylene made in Minnesota, USA.

Every Thread Valet is a testament to American ingenuity and craftsmanship, custom-made in the heart of the United States. Each unit is not just built for longevity but also designed to compliment your workspace with its sleek aesthetics.

The Thread Valet is more than a product – it’s a complete sewing solution. Our wall-mounted units, each accommodating 48 thread cones, can be easily extended in any direction, providing a customizable organization system. Additionally, every Thread Valet includes a protective cover pattern, allowing you to create your own cover to protect your threads from dust and light.

Thread Valet is passionate about improving the crafting experience through exceptional organization. Transform your workspace with Thread Valet – locally designed, globally adored.


Each rack holds 48. Racks can be combines to make various configurations, expanding to fit your entire collection.

Yes, with special stablizers we’ve included in the package, it can hold heavy thread!

17″ across, designed to mount conveniently into studs, 18″ long and 4″ deep with no cones.

Discover the magic of a clutter-free workspace with our USA-made Thread Valet today!