Your Ultimate Thread Organizer Solution

Streamline your sewing space with the Thread Valet

A Revolution in Thread Organization

At Thread Valet, we believe your thread deserves the best. Tired of tangled threads, cluttered sewing spaces, and delicate materials exposed to dust and light? As experienced quilters and manufacturers, we know the struggles of sewing chaos. That’s why we’ve designed the perfect solution: Thread Valet – a robust, modular, wall-mount thread organizer customized to your needs.

Explore Our Innovative, Modular Design

Designed and made in America, Thread Valet is a simple-to-assemble thread organizer, perfect for any space. Each efficient module snugly fits up to 48 thread cones of different sizes. Need more room? Simply snap together multiple units for an expanded, personalized organization system.

100% Made in the USA



Maximize Durability and Space with Thread Valet

Discover the strength of our wall-mount thread organizer, Thread Valet. Built from enduring white polypropylene, it guarantees thread protection while maintaining a sleek appearance. The modules fit right between wall studs for easy installation, creating an uncluttered workspace. As a bonus, it comes with a pattern that allows you to create your own dust cover to shield your precious threads from dust and light.

What I love the most: All thread spools and cones fit! I love that it’s modular, I love how it looks, and I love that it fits all of my thread.


Ready to Organize Your Threads?

Untangle your creativity with Thread Valet. Champion effortless thread accessibility and enhance productivity with our innovative solution. Browse our customizable options and choose the ones that suit you best. We also offer a 4-Pack option with free shipping within the U.S.